~Mr & Mrs Eddie Giscard Artajo~ October 2000


~Giscard & Jennie 8 months pregnant ~July 20003

Mommie Jennie & Giselle


Giselle taking a ride in the car.

so cute!

what you say?

Giselle playing with her little feet

I have daddys toes.....see

I also have daddys temper....

Tia Arabella & Giselle

Giselle's past time...sucking her thumb.

Sucking her two fingers...

Enjoying Christmas decorations...


Abuelita Ligia

Mommy receives a special gift from daddy...

Giselle's 1st Christmas 2003

Auntie Bells with her baby...Neo

The Two Ligia's

no presents for you dog!